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"ONGO" : the technology used to make "new" and "refined" products has been well developed in the market
2018-11-07 10:27:59

The four-day "CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber and plastics exhibition "concluded in Shanghai from April 24 to 27. Around the theme of "innovation shaping the future", 3,948 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions around the world presented their leading technologies to the industry in a new way. Take technology drive as the core, lead the new era of the industry.

As the concept of intensive production gradually permeates into the food field, a large number of packaging containers are needed for food transportation and circulation. Like fresh and cooked food, takeout, and other fields, the disposable plastic packaging containers because of its lightweight, health, the advantages of low cost and has widely application in the field of food, by the merchants and consumers of all ages. NINGBO ONGO PRECISION  MACHINERY CO., LTD (hereinafter referred to as the "grace") focus on high speed field of thin-wall injection molding machine, adheres to the standards of environmental protection, driven by innovation, to create the future of science and technology policy for the development of deep field of injection molding machine. In the last two years, ONGO's development has maintained a 35% annual growth rate, of which high-speed thin-wall injection molding machines account for 50% of the total output value.

At this year's CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber and plastics exhibition, Mr. Yan kaida, general manager of "ONGO", was interviewed by the plastic industry professional media association.

New products, new molds

In this exhibition, "ONGO" brought two types of products: N360 hydraulic injection molding machine and NE450 oil-electric composite injection molding machine. YanKaiDa introduces to the reporter: "the exhibition N360 hydraulic injection molding machine belongs to the high speed machine series machine, at the fair, it is producing is one-time molding twelve milk lid product; NE450 model is well, the latest hybrid injection molding machine, injection and the loading motor, the hydraulic system, combining a model so as to achieve the effect of injecting more responsive, this exhibition, it is the production of products are nine 750 ml milk tea cups one-time injection molding products." This exhibition, he displayed the two product mould are used by new technology upgrade the product, and through the CHINAPLAS 2018 international rubber made its debut at the show, the YanKaiDa said: "both new product model and form a complete set of new mould new upgrade, in the aspect of customer got very good feedback, at the same time, customers in investment has also greatly reduced the cost of the machine, achieving the target of enterprise and customer win-win."

Use "new" to achieve "excellence"

With the continuous development of China's industrial reform, automation has become a mainstream direction of the plastic machinery industry, nowadays, the development of automation products, not only can increase the stability and reliability of plastic products, but also improve the plastic machinery production of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption features. The YanKaiDa said: "at present, he has achieved a complete set of automated production lines, with the use of the manipulator, a worker can be responsible for 3-4 machine equipment, artificial time and greatly reduces the labor intensity, colleagues but also improves the production efficiency, equipment made it real efficient production. In the future, "ONGO"  will also step up the research and development of intelligent equipment to better integrate products and technologies, so that plastic machinery automation can be more brilliant.

Constantly testing, developing and updating are the characteristics of "ONGO" , the "new" of engle and the "essence" of "ONGO" . In terms of research and development, Mr Yan said,"ONGO"  spends tens of millions of yuan every year on product research and development, so that research and development are constantly updated and new technologies and equipment are created. In terms of personnel allocation, from the model structure to the electrical department, "ONGO"  has experienced professionals in the industry at all stages of product development.

When it comes to the future development of YanKaiDa said: "he will be the domestic market as the mainstream market, take the market as the technology driving direction, and will in the future development of the existing market more high-value, at the same time, a better one belongs to ONGO's heaven and earth."


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